Management Profiles (Women)

Learn about the performance teams currently supporting Wales, Wales Academy and Wales Talent and Development female athletes.  


Women's Performance Leadership Team




Head Coach

Krystin Porcella



Head of Operations

Lou Scott




Head of Sport Science and Medicine

Philippa McGregor











Women's Coaching Team



Wales Attack Coach


 Raj Rout


Wales Defence Coach


Molly McCourt



Wales Skills Coach


Storm Trentham




Wales Academy Coach


Anne Brockmeyer







Wales Goal Keeping Coach




Women's Sports Science and MedicineTeam




Lead Physiotherapist



Nick Dyer


Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach


Jon Goodwin 



 Lead Sport Psychologist



Philippa McGregor




Lead Performance Analyst




Esther Wils



Wales Academy

Strength & Conditioning Coach 


 Katie Parker



 Wales Academy 

Sport Psychologist 



Suzie Godfrey



Women's Operations Team




Performance Manager


Sally Hiddleston


Talent and Development Manager

Penny Ashby














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