The History of the Welsh Dragon & Stick Logo

There has been much speculation as to the origin of the Celtic Dragon logo used by the Welsh men’s team on their uniform. The advent of sticks being produced by 1 Lacrosse has heightened the interest. To avoid any further speculation or ambiguity this is a brief history of the Dragon Logo.

This logo was brought about by Chris and Gordon Shumack. Gordon and Chris were very involved with Welsh Lacrosse, Chris was the Administrator and Secretary for the Association and Gordon was directing marketing and promotions. They believed passionately that the Welsh Dragon and the Celtic nature of Wales could be portrayed in a very subliminal way with the use of the word lacrosse forming the body of the Dragon.

Chris and Gordon although having the idea and crudely drawing various designs in true matchstick fashion were not able to see their creation come to life until 2001 when a graphic designer paid for by the Shumack’s, after several attempts brought a dream to reality.

Since that time the logo has appeared thousands of times on brochures, uniform, gloves, apparel and many other promotional items where the logo has been used.

Offers to purchase the logo design have been turned down on more than one occasion and Gordon & Chris intend that it should be used for the benefit of Welsh Lacrosse. So in a strange way although Welsh Lacrosse does not own the rights to the Logo Lacrosse in Wales benefits from its use.

Gordon & Chris Shumack

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