WLA Executive Update

We are pleased to announce that Mel Wiltshire has volunteered to become acting Head of Womens Performance. Mel will join the Executive Committee with immediate effect and stand for formal election at the next AGM.

Mel was the Wales Womens Team Co-Captain at the 2013 World Cup, represented Wales at the 2009 World Cup and 2003 U19 World Championships and won silver medal at the 2012 European Championships. In addition to her representative honours, she was a member of the Southwest team that won the inaugural Regional tournament (2013), represented Midlands in many earlier Territorial Tournaments and won 3 straight BUCS National Championships with Loughborough University.

It is also announced that Terry Wilkinson, elected Treasurer in June 2014, stood down from the role in December 2015.

The current Executive Committee is listed here.

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